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Patent Protected - GB2503188

Blue Rain’s Remote Operational Management System (ROMS) is not only a possession management and planning tool, but can also be used as a PICOP Simulation Workstation for training and assessing the competence of PICOPs.

Using the workstation as part of a PICOP training plan enables trainees to quickly gain the skills and experience to deliver complex engineering possessions. With the trainer located in a separate room from the candidate, the trainer logs onto the ROMS workstation to enable him or her to observe and record the candidate dealing with various scenarios that the trainer can create by acting as the Signaller, Engineering Supervisor, Train Driver and other key personnel involved in the possession.

The system allows existing PICOPs to be assessed in demanding situations to ensure that they have the skills and aptitude to work under pressure. We have designed and developed a Simulation Training package that tests the capabilities of candidates and experienced PICOPs realistically.  

Simplified ROMS Training

We have also developed an Internet based training package to enable users and key stakeholders to understand the functionality of the Simplified ROMS and how to use the system in the planning and delivery of railway engineering possessions.

Classroom Training

We can provide a comprehensive training package for both the full ROMS and the Simplified ROMS including classroom training Conducted by the System Designer who is also a qualified and experienced trainer.

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