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The Simplified ROMS System is a simplified version of Blue Rain’s patented Remote Operational Management System (ROMS). It has been developed to offer a simplified version of the full ROMS system, so all possession stakeholders can gradually be introduced to the implementation of a computerised possession management delivery system with remote viewing capabilities.

The simplified system is ideal for managing railway engineering possessions and conducting pre-possession meetings remotely in a simplified geographical areas covering up to 40 miles, using a one screen workstation.

The system is designed as a stepping stone for planners, PICOPs and possession stakeholders to work towards a more advanced ROMS system.

An Internet based presentation has been produced along with a video to give clients an understanding of the simplified ROMS. By simply clicking on the Simplified ROMS Presentation prompt at the bottom of this page will enable you to open the Simplified ROMS Presentation or by clicking on the video button above will open the Simplified ROMS functionality Video.


Patent Protected - GB2503188

Blue Rain Limited

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