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Magnetic Board Track Diagram System

Simple But Effective Possession Planning and Management System

In addition to ROMS and Simplified ROMS we have also developed other effective possession management tools. These systems have been  in use in the UK rail industry for nearly twenty years.

Magnet Board Track Diagrams

Blue Rain’s Magnetic Board Track Diagram system provides a visual aid to PICOPs to enable them to manage the possession safely and effectively. The magnetic board contains a full track layout of the area under possession. The board come complete with magnetic symbols to denote possession limits, worksites, trains and other key features. The system is normally used in the Possession Control Office by the Person In Charge of Possession (PICOP) and the system acts as a constant visual reminder of all activities taking place within the possession at any given time.

As activities within the possession are authorised by the Person In Charge of Possession (PICOP) he or she records the information and places the appropriate magnetic symbols on the magnetic board as a visual reminder of all activities taking place, which builds up an overall view of the whole possession.

The system was first developed to manage a series of major engineering blockades on the Settle and Carlisle line with a single possession extended over seventy miles with a dozen or more separate worksites. The magnetic board system demonstrated its value by greatly reducing the number of possession management incidents and irregularities and proved to be equally effective as an integral part of the planning process.

The system was also used very successfully on the major West Coast Route Modernisation project and other Network Rail major projects and it continues to form a valuable part of possession planning and management.

Dry Wipe Desk Top Planners

The Dry Wipe Desk Top Planners are used by the Planning and Delivery teams as a key work tool. They consist of the track diagram printed onto a large scale laminated planner. They are made to roll up and can be used from an office desk, enabling planners to map out work in greater detail. With the diagram being printed on a special dry wipe board, planners can work through the proposed possession plan to identify any planning conflicts and make any changes using dry wipe marker pens.

Your Project

We have no doubt that our magnetic boards and desk top planners will bring substantial all-round improvements in delivering your projects. Feedback from our customers is that they have quickly become indispensable working tools and are now permanent fixtures within project possession planning offices.

Patent Protected - GB2503188