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Provides key infrastructure data at the click of a mouse

Reduces planning time - all planning documentation into one system

Enhances communications between planners and ‘ground staff’

Easy-to-navigate and pinpoint specific locations

Users can personalise their own specified data

All safety critical documents in one easy to use system

Familiarises users with any


Links to Google Earth to visit key points including level crossings and stations

Search facility for quick identification of points, signals and locations

Multiple overlays to highlight features including bridge structures

Replaces use of magnetic boards with real time interface

Up-to-the-minute changes can be uploaded to web portal

Diagrams and documents ready to download and print

Blue Rain’s Infrastructure Mapping System (IMS) is an innovative, web-based system that provides comprehensive UK location data - from signalling layouts to track access points - on Network Rail’s infrastructure. With widespread access to the Internet and advances in broadband speed, IMS is quick, easy-to-use and on-hand 24/7 to senior planners and safety staff…ensuring quick and precise rail safety planning every time

Infrastructure Mapping System (IMS)

 To view a test page version - Berwick to Alnmouth just  click on the hyperlink below