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 Patent Protected - (UK) GB2503188 - (Europe) PCT/GB2012/050370


Blue Rain’s patented Remote Operational Management System (ROMS) is a low cost computerised railway engineering possession planning and management system. It enables engineering possessions to be planned and managed more effectively and safely and to be monitored remotely in real time whilst the work is taking place.

The system uses a high specification computer which drives an array of display screens operated by the Person In Charge Of the Possession (PICOP).The schematic track diagram is designed to fit within the workstation, giving users an overview of a full possession, but the system also has a facility to zoom in quickly to a detailed view of particular area of the possession. In that way the PICOP has at all times an accurate and up to date view of the possession and the work within it.

Stakeholders can access the PICOP’s workstation from any computer terminal in the UK or Europe as well as from site via an iPad or Smart Phone, which makes it ideal for managing and monitoring the progression of railway engineering possessions without having to interrupt personnel on site.

This remote access facility also makes pre-possession site meetings more efficient as they can be conducted remotely with all participants logged on to the workstation. ROMS features a voice over Internet (VoIP) connection so that all participants can participate in the meeting, thus saving many hours of travel and associated costs. There is also a provision for the meeting to be recorded audibly and visually so that participants can check details from the meeting at a later stage.


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